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Impact of Covid-19 just starting

Here at Horsham Matters we have seen the immediate impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown. We have provided nearly 4000 emergency food parcels and seeing an increase in general household poverty. To put this in to perspective we provided 2900 emergency food parcels over the course of the last financial year.

For the first time ever we are struggling to meet demand for food and have made urgent appeals to our community.

We have long felt that sadly the worse was yet to come. The adaptations to the furlough scheme would result in the commencement of redundancies as organisations struggle to balance their lower income with costs.

Over the past couple of weeks we have had conversations with those that have just been made redundant; not entitled to redundancy pay and struggling to make ends meet.

I read this BBC article which echoed the grim expectations of businesses making redundancies over the forthcoming months.

Local charities such as ours are facing financial challenges at a time when we are most needed. We must do all we can to ensure we are here to provide for this increasing need. Community is so important at this time; please support local charities. Support local so we can support local people!

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