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Between January 22 to February 11th
Take Part in our Tintastic Campaign

Throughout 2023, the Horsham District Foodbank provided 10,220 emergency food parcels to people facing hardship. This is the most parcels the food bank has ever provided, even during the pandemic.

Despite the incredible generosity of our local community, the volume of food donations we are receiving is dropping.  This means that the gap between what is coming into the food bank and what is being distributed is widening.

As 2024 begins, we are bracing ourselves for an even busier year so anticipate that meeting the increased need is going to be a challenge

Here is how you can participate

Screenshot 2024-01-18 140620.png

Our aim is to end the need for foodbanks but until that happens…
Help us to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

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