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Bringing The Outside In

We’ve all bought a plant before with the intention of it blooming and becoming perfect and then coming downstairs the next morning and it unfortunately not making it through the night.

One (Out of many🤫) of the beautiful ‘faux-foliage’ we have underneath the furniture category.

The Botanical Trend we have seen over the past few years is still going strong with house plants more popular than ever. For the unintentional plant killers we have the perfect solution on our online shop...some beautiful artificial plants straight from Showhomes! By choosing an artificial plant you can pick any plant that you would like and not have to worry about providing the perfect climate for the plant to prosper! Artificial plants can really define a space and provide an entirely different look as well as being completely mess and stress free! We have some beautiful choices under our furniture category that can beautify a space for the non-green fingered among us🌴

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